Love Letters has a new direction this year

Each week you will receive a scripture meditation process for church meetings. They will  allow you to reflect on one of the upcoming Sunday readings for the Revised Common Lectionary. Each mediation will include a:

  • group process
  • short overview
  • discussion questions

Each scripture meditation can be used to open committee meetings, church gatherings, governance sessions or simply as a personal devotion.

Well meaning church folk sometimes ponder the utility of engaging in scripture at a meeting. “I am only here for the church business,” is what one often hears. It is important to remind ourselves that our “business” is in all things to be faithful to our calling and stay connected to God’s Spirit, energy and direction. Otherwise we labour in vain. (Phil. 2:16)

My hope is that as clergy and lay leaders offer the Word of God in their ministry gatherings, these meditations will help enliven that process as a convenient and useful resource.

5 thoughts on “Love Letters has a new direction this year

  1. Lorraine Bell says:

    This is brilliant and much needed! Oft times the business part of my involvement simply overwhelms my ability to concentrate on the embrace of my faith. Even happens when I am at services and only seeing the maintenance that needs attending to!


  2. Joe Young says:

    Wow, are you sure we want to bring God into meetings? Wow, peace and concord may break out. Should be fun watching everyone try to obey this weeks Gospel reading and find the bottom of the table.. Seriously, brilliant idea. Thanks/Joe


  3. Dear Reverend Cannon Dawn. Thank you very much for this new direction. I look very forward to reading it in my weekly email. Sincerely Anita


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